AMP Placement




We require at least two years of experience for our positions.
Caregivers must have current first aid/CPR certification as a basic requirement. Other certifications depend on the position and the families’ need. Click on caregiver requirements to read more.
Salaries our caregivers depend on experience. Nannies and other caregivers get paid according to their experience and training. View our document that gives guidelines on salaries for household workers in the DMV. AMP Provider Salaries is found under the family’s tab. There, you will find suggestions for each position we fill.
This common need should be discussed directly with the caregiver and they should be paid overtime for these occasions. It is a good idea to include language in your employment contract for your caregiver to agree up front how this need will be handled so you both can be abreast before the need arises.
There is a (2) hour booking charge for cancellations with less than 24 hours’ notice to compensate the caregiver.
Yes, we have (2) additional plans that offer limited bookings.
We do not permit memberships to be transferred or shared.
Yes, you can schedule a meet and greet either virtual or in-person. Sitters are paid at a rate of $18 per hour for 1-hour virtual sessions and $18 per hour for in-person sessions with a (2) hour minimum. There is no Agency charge for a meet and greet.
Yes, you can use a preferred caregiver if they have not already been scheduled with another family.
Yes, you can tip your sitter directly to show your gratitude if you choose to.
Per our contract, we require all families to make their bookings through our agency only. This allows our agency to continue to provide a sitter and nanny services and to ensure our caregivers are being closely monitored and rewarded for their work.


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