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Special Event Sitter Agreement

Fill out this form to request sitters for an event with multiple children. This is an agreement between AMP and the party responsible for the event or childcare at the event.

Special Event Sitter Agreement

Please fax to: 877-574-9267, or email to If you submit this form after 4:30 pm on a weekday, or anytime on the weekend, please call 301-744-9267 to let us know!

Personal Data of Responsible Party

All information collected in this agreement is confidential

Child(ren) Information: (We need an approximate number of children and their ages in order to provide the most age-appropriate care.)

This agreement is entered into this day of, , between asd asd and A Mother's Prayer Placement LLC (AMP).

  • Client agrees to (List arrangements/fees agreed to by parties here): $18 per hour / per nanny (payable in cash or check to the nannies, on day of event) $8.50 per hour / per nanny Agency fee (payable via credit card upon receipt of this agreement, non-refundable) $25 setup fee (for events over 4 nannies requested) $10 per nanny / per day travel fee for jobs outside the area. $100 supply fee per day, if supplies for children are requested (charged to credit card upon receipt of this agreement) If event is cancelled for any reason under a 48 hours’ notice, Agency will refund the $100 daily supply fee. Client will be charged a cancellation fee of $25 per nanny, per day for any cancellations regardless of when the cancellations occur.
  • If Client uses the AMP on-call sitting service, Client agrees to pay agency fees for each Nanny candidate sent to them. Fees to the agency must be paid in advance. After this Sitter Agreement has been received by AMP, we will contact you via phone with a nanny’s name.
  • Client agrees not to make private arrangements for nanny sitter candidate to work without contacting A Mother’s Prayer Placement prior to each visit. Any such action would require a referral fee.
  • All information provided to the client on each nanny sitter candidate is confidential and is not to be shared with any other parties outside this contract. Doing so will obligate Client to all fees owed for referrals or sitting services from the other parties.
  • AMP cannot guarantee the honesty or reliability of the nanny sitter. AMP is not the agent of the nanny. Accordingly, the Client hereby releases and agrees to hold AMP, its directors, officers, attorney’s, successors, and assigns, harmless from any act of negligence, gross neglect, nonfeasance, misfeasance, or malfeasance, by the nanny sitter.
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