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Our Cancellation Policy

We realize that emergencies occur as well as changes in family plans. From time to time, families may need to cancel their scheduled care reservation. We encourage families to cancel bookings as soon as possible to release the nanny for work with another family.

If you need to cancel a booking that begins in less than 24 hours, you will automatically be charged a cancellation fee equivalent to 4 hours of the Nanny’s time, for reservations (5) hours or greater or a cancellation fee equivalent to 2-hours of the Nanny’s time for reservations (4)-hours.
Please note that our cancellation policy is in place to respect our Nannies’ time. We realize our Nannies depend on our agency for the consistent work we provide for them. If a cancellation fee is charged to families, those funds go directly to the nanny.

Our cancellation policy helps to ensure we keep a professional pool of nannies for the many families we help.

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