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Our Mission

Our Mission

Welcome to A Mother’s Prayer Placement – Where Your Family’s In-home Childcare Needs Are Our Top Priority.
Our mission is to provide families the most experienced nanny or babysitter on demand, so you have peace of mind. We provide personalized nanny placement solutions tailored to your family’s unique needs. Our babysitting service is thoughtfully crafted based on our personal experiences, reflecting a genuine understanding of the unique needs and concerns we have as parents. We are deeply committed to delivering exceptional nannies and babysitters, recognizing the undeniable importance of consistent safe care age-appropriate engagement and stimulation for the optimal well-being and thriving development of babies and young children.

As parents who have experienced the full spectrum of child rearing, we know the importance of attending to children’s daily needs of nurture, safety, protection, stimulation, and physical activity for optimal growth and well-being! Our nanny and sitter agency was created to live out our passion for children’s safe, engaging care and fun in the comfort of their own homes. This was an undying desire of our fearless founder/owner of A Mother’s Prayer. Our mission is to provide as many families as possible the most reliable nanny and sitter care on the planet! We are fiercely committed to delivering exceptional service for permanent placement, temporary placement and babysitting solutions. To help accomplish our mission, we also provide Household Management services in the Washington, DC (DMV), Baltimore, MD, Richmond, VD, Tidewater (Virginia Beach), Atlanta, GA, and Ohio Tri-city areas.

At A Mother’s Prayer Placement, we love what we do and want that same passion to be the attraction for our company culture. The passion we have for serving not only families and their children, but that passion extends to our communities and our entire team! We want to make sure we affect our world with goodness as much as we can. To that end, our guiding principles keep us true to our passion!

1. (Compassion)
2. (Support)
3. (Encouragement)

With these guiding principles we accomplish our mission daily!

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About Us

At A Mother’s Prayer Placement, we personally love what we do. With a combined 40 years’ experience in early childhood education & business finance, we work on both sides of the equations of managing caregivers & serving families. Assisting families to make their home lives better is a true passion for us. We have raised children to adulthood & know the constant planning & hard work it takes to run a household while managing the daily routines of their children. This is their passion; helping families manage the day to day tasks of caring for & making sure their children have the best childhood imaginable. When children are safely monitored & cared for, families have peace of mind. Peace of mind is what we strive to bring to all our clients. We know how valuable it is to find that perfect caregiver who can help a family rest when away from their children. We accomplish this by matching skilled experienced caregivers with families. These caregivers are not only highly professional & credentialed but are also capable of delighting children with hours of fun. This ability to match families with the perfect caregiver was developed during our own personal years of searching for & acquiring our own in-home care for our loved ones. We know how time consuming the task can be of finding that perfect fit, so we have made a career out of helping families do the hard work.

We naturally understand the complexities of finding quality in-home care and have acquired a passion of helping families do so. Much later in life, both owners have had the privilege of caring for their aging parents, and quickly came to understand the complexities of caring for the elderly population as well. Since this task is also daunting & time consuming, we help families find the perfect caregiver for their elderly loved one as well.
In addition to caring for young children, one of the owners has numerous years of experience working with families who have children with disabilities. This experience was gained while working in the public-school system for over 20 years.
With this combined personal & professional experience of the owners, A Mother’s Prayer was born. It was born out of an understanding of how complex running one’s household can be and having a passion for providing the solutions to help families gain peace of mind as they seek in-home care for their loved ones.


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