AMP Placement


Our Process

We have an 8 Step Placement Process



Family Consultation

We personally consult with you to find out your specific individual family needs such as the structure, family dynamics, child’ needs and other details that would assist us in understanding your exact needs. This initial consultation can take place in our office or in your home.


Professional Family Plan

After meeting with you, we develop a professional personal plan, detailing your families care needs and how we plan to help you find the perfect fit for your individual requests. This plan is constructed to show you our plan and to help you to determine if we can assist you in finding the right caregiver. It will also give you the estimated timeframe of our search, based on your individual needs and requirements of your caregiver.


Complete AMP's Registration Form

As a service-oriented placement agency we diligently work to match the skills and qualifications of providers with the needs and preferences of families seeking an in-home caregiver or one of our other services. Once you have determined that we are the agency to help you in your search of a caregiver we ask that you complete our formal application form, along with a $300 non-refundable membership registration fee . This fee helps us start the recruitment process. The application process helps us to gather more info in detailed form to assist us in starting our search. Once we have thoroughly reviewed your application, we formally start our search.


Interview Process

After confirming your exact specifications for your desired caregiver, we begin the selection process which should last no more one week, and in some cases less. We gather at least (3) viable persons who we feel will be a perfect fit for your stated needs. If you are not pleased with the first three candidates, we will present you with others. During our reference check process, we check both the candidate’s personal and past employment references. Our team personally verifies the validity and quality of the references given to us. Once we have found several potential candidates who have passed our vigorous interviewing process, or we select from previously screened candidates, we then present the collected screening information and present it to you for review. AMP electronically sends our findings to you on each candidate along with a written report of their reference outcomes along with our recommended script on interviewing caregivers in case you need it. You select all candidates of interest and present us with your possible meeting availability, so we can take care of the meeting arrangements for you.


Family Review Process

Once you have interviewed the candidates we selected for you and have narrowed it down to the one or two you are most interested in, at this time, you may also personally check their references if you desire. This process can go at the pace needed for the family. We recommend no less than two face to face in person meetings in family’s home with the candidates you like the most. The first might be without the presence of the child and the second should be with the child present. You want to observe the initial chemistry with you and the candidate and then the candidate and your child.


Background Checks

Once the desired candidate has been selected by the family, AMP then conducts a thorough background search investigation on your selected candidate, through our designated independent investigation firm. The report includes a criminal record check, driving record report, SSN verification, education verification, and sex offender check and usually takes approximately one week for all results to be in our office.

We developed our background checks based on the following guidelines below, set forth by the International Nanny Association:


Review and Submit AMP's Contract

Once the background check is completed and has been reviewed by us and the family, we send you our Placement Contract which outlines our agreement with you. (This agreement can also be reviewed upon request prior to initiation of placement process) At this time, a placement fee is due 5 days prior to the start of the caregiver in your home. The placement fee is determined by the exact type of caregiver we provide for you.


Family/Caregiver Work Agreement

Once the agreement has been executed by our agency and the family, AMP will assist you if necessary with establishing written guidelines and an agreement with the caregiver. Since the families are the caregiver’s employer (for permanent care only), the family defines the caregiver’s role and responsibilities and manages how the employee spends his or her time with their children. We have templates that can be used to assist with this process, so a clear agreement can be made between all parties as well as industry recommendations for payroll and taxes. Additionally, once an employment relationship has been solidified, AMP will be available for consult to both parties should the need arise.


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