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Full-time nannies work in a family’s home as either a live-in or a live-out caregiver. These caregivers typically work 40 hours or more including weekends. The hours, duties, and salaries are agreed upon prior to hiring by the family of a desired full-time nanny. Full-time Nannies perform childcare for one or more children as well as perform light household duties usually related to the child or children they care for. They can also perform transportation for children, assistance with homework, help them to bathe, make up their beds, and keep the house tidy. Some nannies are willing to take on additional housework for extra pay, and many nannies-especially full-time, live-in nannies may have several roles in your home as errand-runners, bookkeepers, filers, menders, and even cooks. These duties are negotiated at the beginning of the hiring process.

Various types of Full-time Nannies could be:

1. Live-In Nanny: Resides with the family full-time, typically provided with separate accommodation within the family home.

2. Live-Out Nanny: Works full-time during the day but does not reside with the family; they commute to and from work.

3. Nanny Housekeeper: Besides childcare duties, also responsible for light housekeeping tasks such as cleaning, laundry, and meal preparation.

4. Nanny Chef: Focuses primarily on meal preparation and cooking for the family, including planning menus, grocery shopping, and cooking nutritious meals.

5. Nanny Tutor: Assists with childcare while also providing educational support, homework help, and engaging in educational activities with the children.

6. Nanny Personal Assistant: Manages various household tasks, including scheduling appointments, running errands, managing household budgets, and organizing family events, in addition to childcare responsibilities.

7. Special Needs Nanny: Trained and experienced in caring for children with special needs, providing specialized care, therapy support, and assistance with daily activities.

8. Newborn Care Specialist or Baby Nurse: Specializes in caring for newborns, providing expertise in feeding, sleeping schedules, and newborn care techniques, often working overnight to assist parents.

9. Travel Nanny: Accompanies families on trips, providing childcare and support during travel, including organizing activities, supervising children, and ensuring their safety away from home.

10. Multilingual Nanny: Fluent in multiple languages, providing language immersion and cultural exposure to children from a young age.

11. Night Nanny: Provides overnight care for infants, allowing parents to rest while the nanny tends to the baby’s needs, including feeding, changing, and soothing during the night.

12. Nanny Share: Shares childcare responsibility with another family.  The nanny cares for the children from both households, providing a cost-effective childcare solution for both families.  Care is typically rotated weekly from one household to the other.  

Part-Time Nannies

Part-time nannies can work less days and hours than full-time nannies. The hours are set according to the family’s needs and are at least 20 hours a week. Part-time nannies are flexible and can have any number of a variety of schedules and can be used to fill in where the full-time nanny hours are not enough.

Here’s a list of different types of part-time nannies:

1. After-School Nanny: Provides childcare and support for children after school hours, assisting with homework, meal preparation, and extracurricular activities until parents return from work.

2. Weekend Nanny: Works specifically on weekends to provide childcare and supervision while parents are busy or away, allowing them time for leisure or work commitments.

3. Date Night Nanny: Offers childcare services during evenings or weekends, allowing parents to enjoy a date night or social events without worrying about their children’s care.

4. Occasional Babysitter: Provides sporadic childcare as needed, typically on an irregular schedule, for short periods of time, such as evenings or weekends, for parents to attend appointments, events, or outings.

5. Backup Nanny: Steps in to provide childcare when a regular caregiver is unavailable due to illness, vacation, or other reasons, ensuring continuity of care for the children.

6. Summer Nanny: Cares for children during the summer months when school is out, engaging them in activities, outings, and educational experiences to keep them entertained and stimulated.

7. Holiday Nanny: Provides childcare during school holidays and breaks, allowing parents to continue working while ensuring their children are supervised and engaged during extended periods away from school.

8. Morning Nanny: Assists with morning routines, including getting children ready for school, preparing breakfast, and ensuring they are on time for school drop-off, providing support during the early hours of the day.

9. Evening Nanny: Takes care of children in the evenings, assisting with dinner, bath time, and bedtime routines, allowing parents to relax or attend evening commitments without worrying about childcare.

10. Flexible Nanny: Offers childcare services with a flexible schedule to accommodate the changing needs of the family, adjusting availability based on parental work schedules, appointments, or other commitments.

11. Part-Time Nanny Share: Shares childcare responsibilities with another family, where the nanny cares for the children from both households on a part-time basis, providing a cost-effective childcare solution for both families. Care is typically rotated weekly from one household to the other.

12. Study Buddy Nanny: Assists children with homework, tutoring, and educational activities during after-school hours, supporting their academic progress and providing guidance in their studies.

13. Pet Care Nanny: Cares for both children and pets, providing pet sitting and pet care services in addition to childcare, ensuring the well-being of both the furry and human members of the family.

14. Special Event Nanny: Provides childcare services during special events such as weddings, parties, or corporate functions, supervising children and organizing activities to keep them entertained and safe during the event.

15. Remote Nanny: Provides virtual childcare and educational support through video calls and online platforms, engaging children in activities, assisting with schoolwork, and providing oversight remotely.

These are just a few examples of the different types of part-time nannies available, each catering to specific scheduling needs and preferences of families.

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